6 Types of Corporate Videos for your Company


Corporate videos are mainly made by companies, having a specific objective or purpose, which is mainly based on showing specificities about the company itself, whether business values, the services it provides, the company’s philosophy, testimonials, among others, thus achieving more visibility and trust of the company.

A corporate video will always respond to a specific need, for this reason, there are different types of corporate videos, but they all have different objectives and functionalities, here we will tell you some of these and the benefits it can bring to your company.

Traditional Corporate Video

This type of video is intended to generate a letter of introduction of our company, showing and evidencing the differential against the competition, the values and philosophy that characterizes the company.

Promotional Video

This type of video has a main focus for companies in the tourism sector, but can also be used when companies want to promote their product or service in a timely manner, it is advisable to make this type of video strategically, since making them all the time can get boring to the audience.

Product or Service Video

As its name says, this video shows more particularly the product or service you want to sell, showing its characteristics, uses, benefits, differentials, news, among others. They tend to be persuasive videos for the brand’s target audience, achieving recognition, remembrance and often sales.

Explanatory Video

This type of videos tend to be purely animated and are mostly used to explain processes that can be complex, so the explanatory video will be much more digestible by the audience and also much more attractive, capturing the attention.

Testimonial Video

With this type of audiovisual content is sought that the audience feels a little more confident and closer to the brand, as they are going to show opinions of real facts about the product offered or the brand itself, it is very favorable to generate credibility in the product and / or company.

Advertising Spot

The advertising spot is the same traditional advertising video, which has a great reception by the public and positive results, and all is also thanks to its short duration, which makes the video can be adapted to different formats.

These are just some of the different types of corporate videos that exist, however, it is important to clarify that it is very important to maintain a high quality in all the different audiovisual content, because if this is not evident, it is very likely that there is nothing to communicate, because the probability that the videos attract attention is a very low percentage, we invite you to make quality content at reasonable prices by the hand of Alternative Studios.


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