Tips for a Successful Shooting


Before we start, you should know something about us. We are big fans of fantasy and extraordinary worlds. The best way to explain something is to imagine it as a journey on a great bird or mythological creature (just go with it). There are too many variables involved in creating a production of any level. That said, in our journey through the medium and after more than 10 years of shooting ideas with a portfolio that exceeds 5000 audiovisual productions, we’ve learned that the key ingredient to getting it right is to create a plan, keep things organized and stick to it. Therefore, if you are planning a medium or long term production, it is important to detail all the information very well. Here we tell you which are the most relevant:

  1. Be tidy: You don’t want to be one of those who get up at 6 a.m., run out the door with a coffee in hand and then forget their wallet and cell phone. No one wants that kind of chaos in their life, let alone your production company, especially when it comes to a shoot. So take the time to plan ahead and organize your life.
  2. Plan: Once you have everything in order, it’s time to think about how you’re going to tell the story, whether it’s a whiteboard, a short film or even something with a longer duration like a video series. You can start by organizing a calendar and prioritizing specific tasks for each day. Then, once everything is agreed, find a space for a meeting and be clear about the steps to follow wisely.
  3. Manage your time well: This is one of the main resources whose use must be optimized to increase work efficiency and productivity. After a good planning, you should know that time is money, so it is advisable to manage it properly.
  4. Prioritize processes: A producer has many responsibilities, which implies being aware of the performance of the entire team, so it is essential that you understand that responsibilities go beyond the fulfillment of specific tasks, what really matters is the process and the result. You must trust in their abilities and be able to solve all their doubts, without getting too involved so as not to neglect your main task.
  5. Watch your wallet: Make sure you know where all your money is going and why. Ask yourself questions such as why? or what is the money needed for? This way you will avoid unnecessary expenses and end up with the budgeted capital.
  6. Always have an ace up your sleeve: Be prepared for things not to go exactly as planned, so have backup plans in case something goes wrong. Don’t lose your cool if things get out of hand: The success of any production is knowing how to keep your cool when the going gets tough and act quickly.

And then comes the hardest part: post-production. The crew will be a great help in the realization of your project. Make sure you have the right people and trust their abilities, you can always learn new skills, anyone who works in this business can teach you how to do something better.


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