Audiovisual Content that you Could Use in your Company


Videos, videos, videos, videos!!! There are many types of videos we can make and even more we can think of. The reality is that the traditional media of the 90’s and beyond were at a great disadvantage against the new channels, don’t you think? The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about super audiovisual productions is Hollywood. What a big mistake! We are so used to think that if we want to make a documentary, short film or anything else, they must have great musical productions, renowned actors playing extras in chroma key, or recognizable characters in the starring role. The reality is that there are many types of audiovisual content at your disposal. So let’s talk a bit about the types of video content that you and your company can create and use right now to improve your performance in the marketplace:

1. Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a great way to showcase what your company does best. We can help you create a video that gets people excited about your product or service and invites them to subscribe, visit your website or other networks, generate traffic or give you their information for future business.

2. Animations or Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to add style and personality to your content. They can be used as support for any type of video, but they also work on their own, either as animated infographics or even as live broadcasts.

3. Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are perfect for introducing yourself as a brand to new employees or explaining your mission, vision and goals. We can help you create a video with a compelling message that tells people everything they need to know about what makes your company special and different, helping them understand why they should choose you over all the offerings in your niche.

4. Interviews

Interviews are ideal if you want to showcase some of the brilliant minds behind your company, or if you want to unveil a new product or service. We’ll work with you to find someone who’s perfect for the job, and then we’ll take care of everything.

5. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to showcase your company’s personality, how you’ve helped transform the lives of your clients and people. They can be used as part of an advertisement, on your website or social media channels, and even in person.

6. Live Streaming

Are you organizing an event or have something exciting to tell? Show all the attitude and charisma of your company with this type of video. You will become closer to your consumers.

What do you think? There are so many different types of content to choose from that it seems difficult to decide which one is the most suitable for you and your ambitions. However, it is an excellent way to inform and present, almost like making an investment in your image to the market and if you are willing to dedicate time to prepare that winning speech, we guarantee that it will be worth every second invested.


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