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Make your own moodboard easily and simply

When we work in audiovisual projects we must help our clients and our team to understand all those crazy ideas that go around in our head, this can be a little difficult to explain with words, because not everyone has such a powerful imagination, for this reason today we want to show you a little bit how we capture our ideas in a moodboard.

So let’s start, surely you are wondering what a moodboard is? And the truth is very simple, it is a very useful tool that allows us to define the visual identity, aesthetics and essence of a project, through these boards we can expose and land our ideas visually and graphically, transforming them into simple and easy to understand concepts. When we make a moodboard we take into account what are the trends of the moment, what the competition is doing and what our client wants to see.

Now that you know what a moodboard is, we will show you a little bit of the process we apply in Alternative Studios and some secrets with which we conquer our clients ;). We take into account that each moodboard we make is different because it depends on the project and the client.

1. Script reading:

Once we receive the project script we read it and make a breakdown to highlight the most relevant things.

2. Talk with the director:

We meet with the director of the project to talk with him, because it is important to agree and also to know what he expects to have as a result.

3. Color palette:

It is important that we show the client a reference of the colors that we will use in the project, this way we can also play with the range of colors of the palette you chose.

4. We help ourselves with sketches:

The sketches allow us to form a mental image of how we imagine a scene and so we can better organize the colors and also define the location of the props and setting.

5. We set the scene correctly:

We take into account that some productions are of an advertising nature, in these cases we follow the graphic identity of the brand we are working with. In case of working on a film project we like to play with the semantics of colors and objects, in this case we answer the following questions: What do we want to show? Who are we going to show it to? How can they interpret it?

Ways to make clients fall in love

  • We keep a simple style: By making a moodboard we highlight what we really want to show. Remember that less is more.
  • We let them know that the moodboard is an approximation and that it can always vary.
  • We make the moodboard as close as possible to what we want to show, so they get a clear idea and we avoid confusion.
  • We are realistic and work with the things we can really achieve.

Now that you know how we make our moodboards dare to contact us, we will help you to do it and at the same time you know our work.


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