4 Types of Video for Brand Positioning


After addressing the 4 pillars to make your video better in our previous blog. This time we want to tell you how you can turn your video idea into reality to get the best results and achieve your goals with the 4 types of video to position your brand.

1. Storytelling

This is the most common way to tell a story. Ideal for branded videos, they generally use traditional story elements, including actors, conflict and solution, all told in a connected way following a specific timeline.

2. Short Doc or Docu-Style

These videos rely less on a script and tell stories from a more informal perspective. These are great for Q&A videos, instructional videos, day-in-the-life videos and more.

3. Lifestyle Videos or Lifestyle Spots

Lifestyle videos feature the lifestyle behind your product, service or brand. These are more artistic and tell the story of your brand with beautiful images and action shots.

4. Animation

The essential thing about these videos is that they are self-explanatory. While any type of video can include animated effects, animated videos are usually fully animated and use graphics and voiceover or text to tell your story. With this technique the possibilities are almost endless and creativity can lead to great results if used properly.


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