Audiovisual Content as an Alternative for New Generations


Communication has evolved and so has the way to reach new audiences. The days of generating leads through pay-per-click campaigns on Google Adwords or Facebook were just a small fraction to create engagement. Today, we must find more creative ways to reach the new generations, those who are used to the constant consumption of content: fast and concrete. In most cases, we tend to focus on facts and forget the power of storytelling which, today more than ever, is paramount to engage an audience that is always changing its interests and slowly drifting away.

What if there was an easier way? What if you could get rid of all the “noise” and just stick to what matters to you? Wouldn’t that be great? Audiovisual content is the alternative.

We used to be used to reading, when it was the pinnacle of communication; now, people tend to watch videos rather than read text. This is due to the ease and speed of audiovisual formats compared to reading text. In addition, it also allows us to learn more about what we want and need in a few minutes.

Audiovisual content has many advantages over written texts:

First of all, videos can be understood by everyone. Their visual possibilities are so wide that they are not limited to a speech. Think of those videos with an excellent rhythm in terms of image and sound, those that hook you by their presentation. Secondly, it is easier to understand than a text because it uses images and sound effects that help explain things better than simple words, without any visual cues such as facial expressions or body language, which could give away what someone really means when they say something else rather than what they really mean in real situations, such as during a job interview or at school-related events such as presentations or speeches given by someone who has won an award for academic achievement, such as getting straight A’s all the way through high school until college graduation day after earning their undergraduate degree.

The world has changed and we cannot be left behind. We have to learn to identify the new opportunities presented to us by new audiences and find ways to entertain them in a way that reaches them, makes them feel heard, and allows them to enjoy themselves.

It’s not just about doing something “fit for purpose”; it’s about doing something meaningful, something that transcends. It’s about finding out what makes someone tick, and then using those same mechanisms in entertainment so that we can all relate to each other in a more meaningful way.

If you want your audience to watch a lot of your videos, if you want them to comment and react to what they’re watching, if you want them to join your ship, then there are two things you should prioritize: quality and consistency. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend half your day typing and looking for inspiration to fill a blank canvas. Likewise, you must take into account a format that allows you to disseminate your audiovisual content on social networks in an optimal and efficient way.

As we can see, the future of online media is changing and becoming something different from what it was before. More types of content are being produced, more ways of consuming and interacting with media are being explored, and these trends continue to evolve as time goes on. But with this shift in focus, there will be an even greater need for innovative marketing practices and new ways to keep your brand relevant.

What are you waiting for to add an audiovisual strategy to your brand?


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