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Stop Motion is a cinematographic animation technique that is characterized by the recording of images that remain fixed (frame by frame) and after being recorded one after another they give the sensation that they are in constant movement, the images are placed in such a way that when they are reproduced they will generate the appropriate speed and movement according to the action that you want to represent.

Among its main characteristics is to have a visual narrative with beginning, middle and end, it is important to calculate the frames per second, the elements are physical and moldable according to what you want, 1 or 2 cameras are needed to recreate the scenes, it can be done in a small place, among others.

Tim Burton is one of the most internationally recognized contemporary filmmakers due to his works with gothic and terrifying dyes that make them unique. Surely you know one of his most famous films “Jack’s Strange World”, which was animated in stop motion in 1993 and was so impeccable the work that Burton did that he achieved an Oscar nomination in the best visual effects category.

Now that you know a little more about Stop Motion, we will explain the steps to follow to obtain a good quality final product.


Before you start the production of your Stop Motion video it is important that you plan in detail the scenes, the characters, the story, the cameras, among others, this way the margin of error in your project will be minimal.


Lighting is essential for the final product to be well done, although natural light can be used, it is not recommended, because you need a fixed and immobile light and not one that varies as the hours go by (such as sunlight).


Like the light, the camera must remain in a fixed and static frame, for this reason it is advisable to use a tripod, thus preventing the camera from moving, since the only thing that should be moving are the elements that make up the project.


It is important to keep in mind that this type of content requires a lot of time and patience, since it is important to review the captured images and check if there is a story like the one you want to tell.


The last step is to put together all the visual content in an orderly manner, use music according to what you want to communicate, if there are dialogues also put them in a way that fits with the images, add sound effects if desired and colorize, so all this will be converted into a Stop Motion animation.

The Stop Motion animation technique is very interesting and attractive for many people, but especially for children because of its creative and differential way to what is usually seen. If you have a brand focused on children surely the Stop Motion is the best option. Contact us!


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