3 Keys to Generate Effective Videos for your Brand

Let’s talk about the first impression your brand makes on your future customers, this is a crucial opinion and in the end is the only one that matters, everyone needs your brand to get noticed, to attract more consumers and establish itself in the market. According to Webtrust 94% of first impressions are related to the design and content of a brand, either on its website or on its social networks. So you know, first impressions are what count and you certainly don’t want to get it wrong. If your content lacks value and looks unprofessional, that’s how users will perceive your brand and the idea is that users will want to give your company a chance when they see your content for the first time. This is not the time to lose customers, it’s time to give meaning to your brand, project yourself in the right way and be closer and closer to hearing the cash register.
As a brand, you must know what content is, how to use it, its importance and the elements that give it quality. To begin with, it is important to put aside the budget and focus on creating good content. To achieve this you must take several things into account:
Work with professionals in the field, be clear about your objectives and translate them into an aesthetic that reflects your values and allows you to achieve your goals. Think about how you want your clients to see and perceive you, in this way you will be able to create a proposal that goes beyond the numbers. We know that money is an important factor when making decisions but it is important not to go for the cheapest option without knowing that it may not be the best or the smartest for your company because it can bring you problems of image, perception, reputation and finally money.

Now, we know that different projects present different proposals, but it is important that the decision is not based solely on price. Have you ever seen a Volkswagen commercial with the slogan “Never compromise on quality“? Well, it is the perfect example for this moment, in the commercial, a group of gangsters try to immobilize their enemy by burying him in cement, a cheap and poor quality cement, so the enemy manages to escape from the situation. It is the perfect analogy to explain what we mean, cheap is expensive, so it is likely that choosing the cheapest proposal without taking into account other factors becomes a loss for you.

Branded content are those tactics used within the communication strategy focused on conveying a relevant message to customers and that can be implemented in different media. With this definition, you can determine that the entire environment surrounding your brand is full of content, especially digital content, and how to stand out in this environment? The difference is in the quality, the added value to the content and the development of a good communication strategy. Simple, isn’t it?
Now let’s talk about the importance of content because it is clear that without communication your brand will be invisible to customers. This tool facilitates conversion and in turn helps to connect with the audience not only rationally, but also emotionally, which will allow them to build trust and empathy, positioning the brand in the market and acquiring more value. In short, content is what makes the difference between your brand succeeding or failing in the attempt.
Surely you have wondered how to know if a content is quality and how you can make it part of your communication strategy? Quality content is that which can take away a doubt from your consumers and explain a certain subject in a complete way and without much effort. In order to create it, you must take into account that it must be superior, stand out from the competition, add value to your brand, arouse interest in the audience and satisfy the needs of your consumers.
When creating content you should take into account three factors that will undoubtedly add quality to your communication and therefore to your brand and that you should be aware of in case you hire someone to produce your content:

Direct communication: Get to the point!

Keep in mind what you want to communicate, make it simple and easy to understand for your customers, always thinking about adding valuable knowledge of interest to your niche. It is important that this content is clear in the message you want to give. No beating around the bush!

Guide to generate:

It is necessary to guide the customer before, during and after they purchase your product or service, resolve all their doubts so that the customer can enjoy the whole experience that your brand offers. Remember to be aware of the post-sale, keep open communication with your customers, ask them how they liked your product, receive feedback and make sure to take into account their comments to build a bond of trust. It is important to be present at all stages to create a long-term relationship.

Generate a smile:

The best way to ensure the success and spread of your content is to make it enjoyable, easy to understand, fun and dynamic, for example a animated video or a whiteboard video. A smile will always show pleasure, so it is important that with your content you can generate satisfaction to your consumers. There will be more interest from users and they themselves will be the ones who will take the initiative to share your content and recommend your brand.

Keep in mind that these factors are essential to create quality content that brings value in both directions, both to the customer and to you. Both will achieve something in the short, medium or long term. It will help you position your brand and generate a bond with your consumers, one of the most important points within content marketing. So don’t skimp on content or prioritize money over quality and start focusing your efforts on developing your brand and benefiting your customers.

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