Live Broadcasting, the Best Way to Connect with your Audience

Live broadcasts have become one of the first options for brands to publicize their products, make important announcements or launch campaigns, a format that is growing rapidly and exponentially. However, some of you still can’t decide if it’s worth it or not to incorporate this format into your communication strategy. Is it really relevant for brands to adapt to a format used by actors, singers or influencers? Well, the truth is that it is about time to start because this practice has gained popularity in sectors such as cooking, entertainment, sales, among others. Facebook states that in 2020 live broadcasts of companies increased by 99%, using this resource to promote their products or services, as well as began to be used by people who wanted to publicize their ventures.
Now let’s take a brief look at what live broadcasts are and the benefits you can get for your brand by using this resource. If you didn’t know, a video streaming is an online video that is sent in compressed format to reach users in real time. To make a live transmission you need a medium capable of capturing the content and encoding it. No big deal, right? Well, the secret is to do it, but to do it in the right way.
In 2020 the pandemic arrived and more than 20% of the events that were planned to be face-to-face, were carried out by means of live streaming. This resource has really caught the attention due to the success obtained, this format manages to position brands thanks to the connection it generates with the audience, allowing them to know your company in a natural and flexible way. Hubspot also states that more than 35% of companies are using live streaming as part of their marketing strategy.

Social networks are the perfect channel to get to know your audience, understand how they interact, what their needs are, what their interests and preferences are. So why not use social media to get closer to customers and let them see your brand as they have never seen it before? You need good technical equipment, lighting, photography, direct sound and a great idea that allows you to convey your values, interact with the audience and achieve your goals.

What if we give you our top 5 benefits that will be available to you when you do a live broadcast, so you can exploit the full potential of your networks and ensure the relationship you have created with your customers.

You will be closer to your customers

With live broadcasts you will be able to attend and answer any doubts or questions that customers have about your company or the products you offer and best of all, you will be able to do it in real time avoiding displeasure or misunderstandings which in turn increases the possibility of attracting customers through a format that is not commonly used within digital marketing.

+ Subscribers, - Effort

Did you know that 82% of people would rather watch live videos from a brand than watch standard posts on their social networks? Yes, it used to be common to hold in-person events, but due to contingency these have been canceled, but without a doubt live broadcasts are the perfect solution to reach a large number of people, probably many more than would be at an in-person event, they will be able to remove barriers and make your content accessible to people they had not been able to access by circumventing demographic limits.

They will make a customer, not a sale:

Users are more likely to have more trust and confidence towards your brand when it comes to purchasing services or products. Close relationships between the brand and the buyer will increase the recall of the product or service in their mind.

They will base their knowledge on data:

Making live videos improves the positioning of your brand both on your website and on your social networks, so they will manage to get a higher number of visits. According to Facebook, in 2020 increased by 20% worldwide the use of social networks and attendance to live videos.

They will give the customer more than they expect to receive:

Most users who are in the digital world, relate live broadcasts with quality and knowledge of some topic. That is why live streams will give users peace of mind and certainty that the content they are watching is of high quality and will have some kind of benefit to their life. Livestream claims that 80% of people would rather watch live streaming than read a brand’s blog.

Help your company increase engagement performance and you will have the opportunity to capture a greater number of potential customers. Live streaming is a very powerful tool that you should take full advantage of for the benefit of your brand. Get to know everything that the digital world has in store for you and exploit it to the fullest! You will realize that very soon your brand will stand out from the rest and you will demonstrate that you are an innovative and modern company. Let us know if you would like your brand to make live videos in a professional and innovative way.


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