Main Roles in an Audiovisual Production Company


When hiring an audiovisual production it is important to have a general notion of the main roles in an audiovisual production company to understand which ones are fundamental for your project. With this information you will also be able to better calculate the costs associated with a video production.

Keep in mind that this will always depend on the type of project. For example, if it is a commercial video, a testimonial, the coverage of an event, an animated video or a series for web or television.
In an audiovisual production is used to work according to a hierarchical structure in which each of the members has a very specific function that meshes within a large team.
The following are the main roles in an Audiovisual Production Company:


The producer is the person in charge of the overall operation of the whole project. His job is to coordinate all the other departments to ensure the development of the project as a whole. He/she is also in charge of other field producers or assistants who help coordinate the logistics of transportation, food and filming, in general to ensure that everything is in order on location and in the studio.
Sometimes the audiovisual producer only fulfills a commercial function and does not necessarily have to participate in the shooting. In this case, he/she is the person in charge of receiving the client’s briefs and managing the creative team for the realization of a creative proposal and/or the production of a specific production.


The Director is the one who creates the creative approach to solve a client’s requirement. His mission is to create the pieces and build the stories to be told, working hand in hand with the other departments to develop a project with value and a differential that represents a concept. In a nutshell, the director must fully realize his creative idea. He must fulfill what he proposed from the beginning and solve the client’s requirement. Your piece must be impactful and must generate a reaction from the specific audience.

Photography Director

The Photography Director is the person who leads the team responsible for creating the lighting environment of the scene. He or she is in charge of translating the script into images by designing the lighting and defining the camera framing according to the Director’s criteria.

Art Director

This is the person in charge of decoration, setting, costumes, among other visual elements. In general, this person is in charge of conceiving the whole aesthetics of the audiovisual production as a whole, even if the execution is independent. For his work he may be supported by several technicians, assistants and different suppliers depending on the type of project.


The scriptwriter is responsible for writing the scripts and copy for the different types of pieces that can be produced. Scriptwriters follow clear instructions that establish the length of the performance, the series of characters, the situation, the conflict, etc.

Camera operators, lights and equipment

Following the orders of the director of photography they aesthetically organize the camera framing as directed. Prepares camera movements, machines, cranes, lights and other technical equipment during the shoot.

Sound Engineer / Soundman

He is responsible for all the sound of the production both for dialogue, music and sound effects. During the shoot, he/she marks the position of the microphones and adjusts the recording volumes and tones.


This guy is responsible for the editing of the production. He is the one who organizes all the internal structure of the work by joining the different independent shots and forming the volumes and tones.

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