4 Tips to Generate More Value to your Audience (and your Brand) Through Video Strategy Without Overspending

These days we find videos basically everywhere: on websites, social networks, in email, we even find cool GIF videos. But how to make the best videos possible? In this blog we will focus on 4 tips to generate more value to your audience (and your brand) with your video strategy.

Have a Clear Objective

To begin with, we must be clear about what our objectives are and what we are going to focus on. The only way for a video to be good and really effective in driving success is to have clear and measurable objectives.
These are the 4 stages your customers may be in in the Customer Journey and our recommendations to get the most out of your videos in each one of them:

1. Attraction (Awareness)

The main objective in this stage is to attract a new audience and new public either to your social networks, website, points of sale or to your brand in general. Generally, to make a successful campaign at this stage, the video and its derivative content should focus on increasing brand awareness.

Presenting a problem that your company’s customers face on a regular basis and showing the public how you solve it is a strategy that is usually very successful in fulfilling the attraction process in the first stage.

2. Consideration (Educate the audience)

This process seeks to engage users who are already familiar with you, but are not entirely sure if they should trust you or your brand. Here, you should collect user information to generate leads, as well as maintain your current customers, opening a regular communication channel so that you can begin to build trust, which is the fundamental element to make a sale.
In this case you can create a video to attract an audience, showing them the value of your brand and how it differs from the competition. This is complemented with a landing page or a good data collection system that allows you to leverage your investment in content that generates value to your potential customers.

3. Conversion

In this step, the goal is to nurture a potential customer to stop being a “prospect”. At this stage, it is likely that your user has already provided you with their information, interacted with your brand online and shown interest in buying your product or service.

The job of your video is to close the deal. Use video to answer any type of questions, and provide value through success stories and testimonial content. These are very valuable narratives in determining a potential customer’s buying decision.

4. DELIGHT to Retain

At this point you’ve already closed a sale, but now you want to re-engage your customer and get them to come back and buy from you again, or become a sender and share all about the experience of how great you and your company are. To be successful, you must provide useful information, but in a fun and entertaining way. Your customer watching your video should end up with a smile, because you have added value to their life in a positive way.
No matter what your goal is, you are likely to be in one of these four customer stages. Find out which stage you are in and the next step will be easier.
We invite you to follow our next blog where we delve into the components of the creative process to understand how to build the best possible video for your needs.

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